Let's create a real connection with your audience.

SlidesLeads makes it easy to:

  • Organize giveaways
  • Gather feedback
  • Generate leads
  • Share slides
  • Re-targeting
  • and more...

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Make it easy for you audience

Frictionless actions that your audience is going to love

Gathering Feedback
Make it easy to ask for feedback and engage with your audience.
Organizing Giveaways
Make it a fun experience for you audience!
Sharing slides
Make your slides available, with the push of a button.
Keeping in touch with you
Plug your Twitter, FaceBook, Linkedin, email, anything you want.
Charge money
Easily accept payment / donation.
Clear and simple metrics that help you better understand your audience.

"Receiving feedback is hard. SlidesLeads makes it easy to receive feedback and convert attendees into leads."

Kevin Picchi
Maker of SlidesLeads

A better way to create leads and receive feedback

Make receiving feedback a smooth and frictionless experience!

Interact through a customizable page!

Scan a QR code and your audience is in!

Totally customizable, want to ask more questions? get voice recoded feedback ? no problem.
Easy to use
Create a link, Add the QR code to your presentation. Receive feedback Done!
Frictionless and effective
Your audience won't have to download nor signup to anything.
Easily re-target your audience
Run marketing campagne re-targeting your audience, SlidesLeads is compatible with different most ad providers (Facebook, Google, Snap, ...)

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